“How Can Kuami Eugene Be Better Than Me?”–Samini’s Artiste Deon Boakye Lost His Cool On Twitter

Every musician feels he/she is the best in the world and even if it is not true, they wouldn’t wan to hear someone comparing them to another musician and Deon Boakye is one of such musicians.
Deon Boakye has angrily reacted to a Tweet by a Twitter user that, Kuami Eugene is better, bigger and more of a star than him. The Twitter user with the username @yaaJayne also added that Kuami Eugene has more hit songs within just two years but Deon can’t boast of any.
Deon Boakye, who was endorsed by Samini Dagaati at the VGMA 2018, lost his cool and replied the tweet angrily.
The Tweet by the girl that pissed him off read: “We both know that Kuami Eugene better, bigger and a star than ur so called Deon Boakye…at least within a year or two he has produced more than enough hit songs but our bro….”
Deon Boakye then replying the Tweet said; “Kuami Eugene is better than me? How? Are you mad!!!”
Deon Boakye is currently promoting his song ‘You Do All’ which features Samini Dagaati.