Jahemblem Kwasi Manni Releases World-Class Highlife Song

Undoubtedly, Ghana abounds in talent; from music to acting to the fine arts, the country has produced talents who are making us proud with their achievements and Jahemblem Kwasi Manni is one of the artistes putting Ghana on the map.
Jahemblem Kwasi Manni’s personality and unique vocal tone has found him to stand out amongst other vocalists and granted him privilege to perform to audiences across the UK, Europe, Ghana, USA, Mexico and other countries.
Right from day one,Jahemblem Kwasi Manni had always shown prospect as a vocalist and a knack especially for commercially styled Raggae/Dancehall genre of songs.Thus, “Highlife Jam” becomes his first highlife song . For yourlistening pleasure,this is his new song for the year 2018.Download and listen and uou will get to know what Im talking about