Kwaw Kese Embarrases Himself On Social Media After Shatta’s Album Made It To Billboard

Kwaw Kese has embarrassed himself big time on Social media and we are even surprised he’s not ashamed of himself right now. In a tweet he made moments after news of Shatta Wale breaking into Billboard’s World Album Chart, he described the chart as fake.
We are shocked that, Kwaw Kese couldn’t have taken his time to check the facts before rushing to make that tweet that exposes him as someone who is overly jealous of Shatta Wale.
Yeah, we get it that, Shatta dissed him and called him broke, which he replied by releasing a single titled ‘Porkum’ to take a dig at Shatta’s obviously big mouth but this tweet about Shatta’s Billboard chart suggests that he’s hiding behind the ‘I was disrespected by Shatta’ and exposing his jealousy.

Even when several blogs have stated emphatically that, Shatta’s ‘Reign’ album made its way into the Billboard World Albums and even added a link for anyone who doubted screenshots to check, Kwaw chose to ignore that, and use another chart, which has never been mentioned as the one ‘Reign’ is charting on.
In a tweet he made, he wrote: “Ghanaians have their own version of billboards chart now”
Kwaw Kese’s tweet
Some Ghanaians have expressed dissapointment in Kwaw’s tweet.
One user @sirrash4 wrote; “I’m disappointed. A whole artiste doesn’t know billboard has many different chats. This is billboard 200 chat. They have hot chat etc. Go to other genres and you will see world album chats. Reign is number 6 there. w’ab)n koraaa dodo.”
And another read; “A whole artist don’t know the real billboard lmaoo Gh Kwaw is a waste”
Chale we shy give am saf! LOL